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It is the immune system that is actually responsible for most of the cases in which women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism. The treatment in this clinic aims to find and treat the source of the initial imbalance that caused the problem in the first place and will create other problems later on related to the immune system that we want to prevent now.

Tips for dealing with thyroid imbalance:


Make sure that you have been properly diagnosed and have had your thyroid antibody level checked:

In hypothyroid check: TPO Ab


In hyperthyroid check: TSI


If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism and drug balance but have difficulty getting pregnant, you should also ask for an thyroid antibody test in this case.



Maintain regular and long rest hours - a full night of at least 7 hours of sleep and not be ashamed to take a nap at noon - all mammals in nature do a "siesta" and when our bodies are required to deal with illness, proper rest will intensify any other treatment you do. For those who suffer from sleep problems - always remember that a sleep problem is a symptom of another problem that must be found and treated because without proper sleep it will not be possible to heal.


The gluten protein found in wheat has biologically similarity to the the protein that the immune system attacks in Hashimoto's and Graves' diseases. Therefore, about 8 out of 10 patients when they remove this protein from their diet will experience a symptomatic improvement alongside a laboratory improvement. Below is an explanatory video on the subject:


And one more Video:


Soy protein has been found to slow down the metabolic rate of the thyroid gland. For this reason in traditional dishes in the East, dishes containing soybeans / tofu are served alongside seaweed thus creating a balanced dose in terms of the thyroid gland.


All grains contain prolamines - proteins that are similar in their molecular dose to gluten - buckwheat, corn, rice, oats, etc. Therefore, some who face the thyroid experience abdominal bloating / fatigue and exhaustion / pain also from consuming non-wheat grains. By the way, celiac disease - a gluten allergy, is called "cereal" in Hebrew, precisely for this reason.


Iodine, the mineral through which the thyroid gland produces the hormone T-4, is consumed in the Mediterranean menu mainly from fish, eggs, dairy products, etc., and is not found in plants in sufficient quantity and with high bioavailability. Algae that come from salt water contain iodine along with the rest of their minerals, but are less bioavailable and these are often not an integral part of most people's daily diet. Therefore, vegans are more prone to iodine deficiency and therefore need to monitor their TSH values ​​frequently.