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The clinic treatment method is focused and targeted at patients dealing with a variety of thyroid problems. However, in functional medicine we invest all our energy in diagnosing the root of the problem. That is, the patient's symptoms are used to identify her body's true hormonal and nutritional needs and not just the calming of those symptoms. For these very reasons we have developed a broad method of looking at the woman in her hormonal integrity and not just one specific system - endo-gynecology.



Endo-gynecology is a field in both conventional and traditional medicine that combines two worlds that are often considered separate - a concept that is inaccurate for many women and may significantly reduce the effectiveness of treatment, any treatment.


The more accurate assumption for our perception today is that in order to truly provide the treatment that strives to bring about true hormonal balance that includes energy and vitality, fertility, menstruation and regular ovulation without pain even when there are polycystic ovaries in the background today, probably due to diabetes and all other forms of diabetes & Insulin resistance of various types) as well as preparing the woman's body for the postmenopausal stage (menopause) in the best way.


To do this one needs to understand endocrine defined hormones such as thyroid hormones and adrenal gland hormones but also gynecological hormones in a clinically applicable way. For example:


providing a diet that matches the cycles of each woman individually and if there is no regular cycles in the fertile years -

understand what the root of the problem is and focus on it. Here are some common conditions that cause:

* overt or covert thyroid dysfunction and in particular the thyroxine hormone resulting in a prolactin deficiency,

* polycystic ovaries and insulin resistance

*major diabetes or undetected diabetes

* Estrogen deficiency in the fertile years

* And of course there are other and varied reasons ..

The diagnosis in our clinic is made according to blood tests that include a hormonal + immunological (immune) profile of the thyroid gland, a hormonal profile if necessary, a lipid profile and average sugar levels, anemia and more.


However, many women come "supposedly" balanced in terms of blood tests and their profile but There are still complaints that something is unrelated such as fatigue and exhaustion, spots during the month, headaches and migraines, infertility and menstrual disorders, cold, low blood pressure / hypoglycemia (drop in sugar levels), abdominal bloating and constipation and more.

These complaints will not necessarily be reflected in current blood tests and should be diagnosed with careful and rigorous questioning.


After such an interview, it is possible in most cases to adjust individual nutritional treatment, with / without the addition of various herbs and a plan of acupuncture treatments for a fixed period that corresponds to the nature of the complaint and the prognosis.


We strive to maximize the quality of life of each and every one of you.

Literature is recommended for further reading on the subject, not only for pregnancy applicants but for any woman who wants to get to know her body better: