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"I believe and witness every day at my clinic how significant personal responsibility for health is. Along with any type of treatment we receive, we can reach the maximum of our body and spirit potential through self-work on both nutritional, behavioral and emotional levels. Without this responsibility any treatment will have limited validity and results That are not maximum."

jonathan Ronen treats Chinese and Japanese medicine, specializing in endocrinology, specific to thyroid problems, on behalf of the University Hospital in Hangzhou

Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM, Hangzhou, China.

"At the end of my studies in Israel, I flew for a long time to study in China, where Dr. Wei, a conventional medical doctor (MD), an endocrinologist who specializes in combining modern medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, mainly in the field of medicinal plants, was waiting for me. Was rich and profound.

Dr. Wei is a clinician, and the studies were in fact a direct observation of her work and a lot of first-hand personal study.

Along the way I also specialized in combined work with Western herbs, Japanese acupuncture, as well as clinical and laboratory diagnosis according to the principles of functional medicine .


In my work as a clinician in Israel today, I combine exactly this knowledge, the traditional diagnosis of the person as a whole (functional), acupuncture, plants and nutrition, old and new, adapting appropriate treatment for the person and not just his disease, as opposed to advanced laboratory tests and modern diseases. All this from the same agenda that has guided me all these years - accurate care of maximum quality in a minimum period of time, and providing essential tools for each patient for his personal use and daily application, and promoting appropriate habits personally and personally for each and every one of us .

יונתן רונן - מרפאה לבלוטת התריס
יונתן רונן - מרפאה לבלוטת התריס
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